Have you considered meditation? Do you know that it could really benefit you but you just haven’t started yet? 

Recently, I was fortunate enough to sit down with this inspiring, amazing man. Just simply hearing him speak makes me feel instantly calm and reminds me of how important it is to create stillness in my life and that simplicity is key. The chaos we create in our minds serves no purpose and life can really be grand if we just take the time, and with a little dedication, to make space in our minds and bodies.

I hope this chat fills you with joy, calm and motivation to find stillness! Over to Tom…

Talk us through a day in the life of the Tom Cronin – start / finish and everything in between.

I usually wake around 5-6am and will start with some gentle yoga and a 20 minute meditation. Then breakfast with the family and start my day of meetings, writing blogs, creating new programs, responding to emails and catching up on admin. Usually I will meditate around 4-5pm again for 20 minutes and fit in a yoga class or gym session throughout the day.

Home for dinner around 6pm and then hanging out with the family for the evening.

The family usually does a short 10 minute meditation together before the kids go to bed around 8.30pm

Once the kids are asleep I may check in with my European tech team to resolve any technical issues we may have then go to bed around 10pm


Day on a plate- breakfast/ snacks and lunch and everything in between.

My morning starts with warm water with a dash of apple cider vinegar. Then quinoa porridge with homemade organic nut milk, coconut oil, dates, cardamon, cinnamon and nutmeg. Some gluten free toast with tahini or avocado.

Lunch will be anything from vietnamese salmon on rice, gluten free pasta, or chicken and salad.

Dinner again anything from stir fry, curry, dahl, soup, fish…

In between snacks will include avocados, smoothies, soups…I have a fast metabolism so I generally snack or eat through the day!

I eat anything and everything, I love food and eat with pleasure. I see food as a wonderful gift to be savoured and enjoyed. I do try to avoid gluten, sugar and dairy where possible and I avoid caffeine and alcohol.


Are you creative in the kitchen / or do you enjoy simple dishes? 

Yes I love to cook and enjoy exploring lots of different flavours.


 What initiated your meditation journey?

I became almost choiceless as my life was so incredibly stressful. I was suffering depression and panic attacks and needed to do something to get me out of that rut. I’d been getting worse and worse and after seeing doctors and being told I needed to live on medication I decide to look into meditation as another option.


At what point did you know that you wanted meditation to be your career? What was the driving factor?

The more I meditated the more balanced, happy and calm I became. Over time people kept approaching me for guidance and advice on how to experience the same level of calmness. So the next step was to naturally formalise my training and learn how to become a qualified teacher. I continued on in my career as a broker in finance while I taught part time however eventually there was a tipping point where teaching was my main focus in life. Then I knew it was time.


How do you keep fit and healthy?

With all the meditation I do I have to be sure to keep grounded and in my body otherwise I’m off floating in the cosmos! So for this reason I do weights and work out at a gym. This is very grounding for me. I surf, do 2 yoga classes a week and swim. I also make sure to get lots of rest, so I love taking naps in the day time and going to bed early.


If you could say one thing to someone to kickstart their journey into meditation, what would it be?

For me personally it was the most important thing I have ever done in my life. Let your own experience inform you. Try it for 21 days and then see how you feel with daily meditation in your life.


What is the biggest benefit of meditation you have found which surprised you ie. something you didn’t know meditation would do for you.

I’m constantly being marvelled at what meditation brings to my life. Initially I was amazed that it help me get rid of 10 yrs of insomnia, then I was surprised it helped me remove panic attacks, then depression, then I was amazed it helped me feel so much love and happiness. Now I marvel at how it helps me feel a Oneness.


What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Dark Chocolate!


What drives your motivation and inspires you?

The suffering of others and the simplicity of how it can be removed by expanding consciousness.


Meditation is something many run from. They feel they’re not good at it, they can’t stop their racing mind and because of this, they don’t think they would benefit from it since they can’t even get started. What would you say to this?

They need to find a good meditation teacher. Your mind is your most valuable asset. Seek out a professional who will teach you to meditate.


What are your 5 tips for a positive, functional day?

Go to bed by 10pm each night

Wake up with the sunrise or before.

Meditate twice a day

Stretch or do yoga each day

Eat well avoiding gluten, sugar, dairy and alcohol wherever possible.


Do you have a routine or schedule you like to work from which helps you be productive?

My days vary a lot as I have retreats, meetings, Skype calls, mentoring sessions, writing, filming and admin to get through. I read a book called The One Thing by Gary Keller and it taught me to prioritise the 1 thing that will help me be more successful each day. Once that has been done, then I can tend to my emails and tasks for the day.


#1 recommendation that if everyone did this, the world would be a better place… 

Meditate each day



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