Be Successful At Weight Loss & Live A Healthy Lifestyle Too

Believe it or not, feeling amazing and losing weight is not a great mystery that requires a code to unlock it. Having trained hundreds of people over a number of years and having close friendships with a large number of my clients, I have seen trends start to emerge. Once people have the information and the structure there is only one thing that differentiates someone who loses weight from someone that keeps it on. This differentiating factor is mental strength.

Mental strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Mental strength means being able to focus on a given task, like punching out six hours of work to complete a job to the best of your ability. However, with the immediate risk of losing one’s job if the task is not completed to a standard, this type of mental strength is not what matters when it comes to losing weight and staying healthy. In fact all too often, it is the one focus on work that is causing much of the weight gain (but let’s save that for another article).

The type of mental strength that seems to matter most is emotional strength. Mental strength covers all parts of the psyche, however it is our emotions that dictate our motivations and actions. It is these habitual, embedded actions that dictate our physical appearance.

So to change our physical appearance we must work hard on our emotional strength. Once you have your goals, your strategy and the knowledge required, look at the following complexes – they may be the most important factors in achieving long-term health and happiness.

Don’t let anyone rain on your parade

Everyone has problems. EVERYONE. No matter how much you care for someone or how horrid someone is, all you can do is love them or cut them out of your life. Worrying and losing sleep over what other people think or about situations you can’t control is a road to nowhere. People’s situations are usually a result of their choices. So get rid of what no longer serves you, love the ones you choose, and don’t let others bring you down.

Operate with a clear head

Holding onto anger and disappointment is draining. It is exhausting because your mind is running over and over things that happened in the past, rather than what is happening in the moment. Mental clarity comes with being present in the moment – this is hard to do when you are looking backwards. Forgive or forget them and allow your head some space.

Never stop doing your own thing

Mentally tough people never stop doing their own thing as they love what they have chosen to do. When you stop enjoying the day to day it is time for a change. This is easier said than done, however it highlights the importance of planning and conscious decision making. Our lifestyle is a result of our choices, so make ones you will enjoy.

Believe in yourself

It is true that you only amount to your self worth. If you can accept who you are and work hard to get to where you want to go then you should not be afraid or too proud to be you.
Be authentic.

Be choosy about who you let in to your life

Mediocrity is all too common in our lives. Imagine if people did everything to the best of their ability and didn’t do things they couldn’t commit to fully. We would live in this utopian community of happy, enthused and committed people.

As a trainer I often train demotivated people. It is my job to motivate and inspire them to achieve health and wellness. This is tough when they are surrounded with people that are themselves demotivated and exhausted. Find people that want the same things as you. Plunge into a world that inspires you and amazing changes in your world will take place. Be particular about who you spend time with.

Don’t be afraid to slow down

People live at a frantic pace, especially in cities. Coffee, stress and deadlines are the foundations of week-to-week living. Years upon years of this pace and people struggle to be able to slow and relax. It is your ability to live in the moment and embrace the pace of each day individually that allows clarity and focus on your own goals. Don’t be afraid to slow down, this is when you are truly you.

In contemporary society it appears that more and more people are battling with the pace and relationships of our lifestyles. If we can improve our emotional strength and become more goal driven, then it is not only our health that will improve but our happiness.

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