Skin & Skin Ageing – Hydration is Everything!

By 20th May 2014Beauty

The Relationship Between Hydration, Skin, and Skin Ageing!

The majority of us know that it is good to stay well hydrated.  But how many of us realise that by simply being dehydrated, we accelerate skin ageing and can make ourselves look considerably older!   We sometimes forget that we are mostly made of water and our skin is very water rich, given it is chocked full of blood vessels, lymphatic channels and more.  This water plays very important roles for all kinds of purposes as they relate to skin health.  Let’s take a look at how water supports our skin and why simply staying well-hydrated can be one of the best strategies for you to look (and feel!) more youthful!

A.    Water allows for nutrients to be delivered and wastes to be removed from our skin

Given that blood is mostly water and so is lymph fluid, water is essentially the bulk of what is doing the work here in delivering nutrients as well removing metabolic wastes that are naturally produced from cells.  Thus when we are chronically dehydrated, we are cutting down on the blood and lymph volume body-wide to do these very important jobs.  Even a drop, just several percentage points in this volume, can be very substantial to our functioning and at the very least can often leave us feeling tired, sluggish, more congested (since toxins aren’t being removed as efficiently) and more.  Our skin is constantly shedding, repairing and regenerating and it needs the nutrients delivered via the blood and lymph to do this optimally.  So by being dehydrated, we actually can diminish this all important process.  Also important to remember is that if toxins are not removed from our skin, they can remain in the skin area, potentially contributing to free radical damage of the skin itself, which can promote wrinkling, loss of collagen and elastin, and more.  Now who wants that, really?!

B.    Water helps ‘plump’ up our skin.

This point makes sense given what we covered in point A; if we don’t have optimal levels of water in the form of blood, lymph, and extracellular fluid, skin thins, wrinkles become more apparent, dark circles are more visible, and we generally just look ‘older’.  Thus again, by simply optimising our daily hydration, we can keep our epidermal and dermal layers thicker and thereby, reflect a more youthful appearance outwardly!

C.    We lose moisture through our skin, so we need to replace it and insulate it!

Our body is covered in thousands and thousands of pores.  Every day, we lose water via sweat, oil production, and more through these pores.  Supplying ourselves with optimal levels of hydrating fluids in the day helps to counter this constant loss through the pores and also helps to keep skin from getting overly dry, flaky, and roughened on the exterior.  In fact, one of the key skin supplements to combat ageing, ceramides, primarily works by minimizing excessive hydration lost through the skin by improving the lipid barrier in the skin.  So by coupling good hydration with the use of ceramides, you can really up the ante (and your skin thickness) on your skin hydration program.  Remember:  if we lose it, we have to replace it and ideally, protect it!


So the next time you are thinking about buying an expensive skin cream, it might be a good idea to first ask yourself what your relationship with H2O has been lately!  Improving that alone might be the best (and least expensive) beauty ‘treatment’ you could do!

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