Post-Holiday Body Reset

By 21st August 2014Lifestyle

Returning from holidays always brings about a fresh perspective on life, love, health and work.  We see things differently, we want to extend the feelings of rejuvenation and wellbeing as we bring that new energy back into our day-to-day routine.

  1. Revamp your eating habits: After being gone for a while, it’s likely you’re coming home to an empty fridge and bare cupboards. It may be inescapable to do anything but eat out while traveling, but it’s important to create a new healthy habit once your home. Sit down and plan out healthy meals for the week and then hit the grocery store to stock your kitchen with fresh, whole foods which are in season.
  1. Make a workout schedule: Even if you were active when traveling, your fitness regimen was probably nowhere near the schedule you keep at home. (And if you’re anything like me, holidays are for total relaxation.) Before the slack totally sinks in, recommit yourself to fitness shortly after you return. The longer you leave it to start the harder it gets!
  1. Committing to loosing any extra weight: with a renewed sense of wellbeing and vitality, post holidays may be the perfect time to finally shift those extra kilo’s for good. Be sure to get all the support you need to help you physically, mentally and emotionally make the necessary changes to upgrade your entire health – for good!
  1. Consciously choosing to keep up ‘the holiday vibes’: The best part of holidays is the time it affords you to unwind, and just because you’re back to the “real world” doesn’t mean you can’t keep that momentum going. Take some time to explore new ways to keep your stress levels. These can be things you might have done whilst away such as reading, listening to music, and fun activities and moving for fun (ie not exercising just weight loss!)
  1. Getting enough sleep: sometime we go away in order to catch-up on sleep but the truth is, from a biological perspective this is impossible. Sleeping for 4 hours one night, and then 7 hours the following night doesn’t average out: our bodies and minds are not designed that way. The best new habit to begin to form after your holiday is to actually decide on a suitable bedtime that gives you between 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Choose the time – get settled 15-20 minutes before hand and allow yourself to drift off to sleep with regularity.
  1. Trying something new: whether you returned to your favourite holiday spot, or traveled somewhere new, part of the buzz of being away stems for experiencing new things, places, tastes and sounds. You can bring this sense of newness into your daily life post holidays too. Decide on what area of your health needs something new are provide the necessary stimulus in order to get a different result.
  1. Making more time for your mental and emotional wellbeing: Travelling allows us to connect with others and ourselves more readily. We all want to feel like be belong so making some time and space in your week to connect to other people goes a long way to ensure that anxiety levels, stress and depression are kept at bay, long after your holiday tan fades away.

So take the time to integrate some of these helpful tips to create a new upgraded healthier you.



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