Healing with Mayde Tea Herbal Tea

Plus a little about  the Mayde Tea brand and the founder, Kate Dalton!

It’s Gentle, Beneficial and Healing:

Organic herbal tea, specifically formulated to have specific healing properties, can be truly beneficial for your health. The gentle nature of tea (being an herbal infusion), allows you to slowly strengthen the body without hitting it with strong herbs or medication. Herbal tea is perfect for those who are sensitive to strong, heavy doses of varying healing modalities.

When you have a cup of herbal tea, it’s not just about the specific herbs however but the individual herbs are used for specific ailments. We will explain a few Mayde Tea blends WhiteZebra carries below.

Overall Benefits:

When you begin to drink herbal tea, any blend, you will see benefits in the following:

HYDRATION – Your body benefits from extra hydration (we tend to drink more when our water is flavoured and yummy!). Hydration helps with fat loss, improving function of all organs, detoxification and plumping of the skin! All these together keep you looking and feeling YOUNG! For more info on hydration, skin and ageing, see Dr. Eric Wood’s article Skin & Skin Ageing – Hydration is Everything!

TEMPERATURE MODULATION – the warming properties of brewed, hot tea when it’s cold outside and the cooling properties of iced tea when it’s warm outside help the body balance its temperature. This will create energy balance and flow throughout your whole system and improve digestion, lowering the overall stress on your body.

STRESS REDUCTION – There’s something in our psyche which has been embedded in us from a very young age. Remember your parents or grandparents saying “Come in, let’s have a cup of tea and talk about it” or “Put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea”? Tea has been in our lives for centuries and used for calming situations. Whether it be to sit down with a good friend and pour out your worries to let go or to simply take 5mins out to sit and breathe, focusing on your senses, enjoying that cuppa, herbal tea will help create calm in your life. So rather than grabbing the nearest caffeine boosted coffee or black tea (which will stimulate the senses), try some herbal tea and take the time out. Finding a few calm moments in your day can be the key to successful stress reduction. Choose the right herbal blend and the time out and herbs will have a synergistic effect when calming the system.

Mayde Tea and why WhiteZebra loves this brand so much:

WhiteZebra’s founder, Fi Caddies, personally loved Mayde Tea so much, she knew she wanted to stock in in the WZ store so here it is! See the full collection here.

“It’s 100% organic, all Mayde Tea tastes fabulously delicious and the boutique nature of the business with Kate’s beautiful packaging just completes the whole experience!”

Kate-Dalton_Mayde-Tea-KateMayde Tea began when Kate Dalton, the founder of Mayde Tea, used her knowledge of naturopathy and herbal medicine to nourish and heal her body using organic herbs – the best of nature’s resources. This then expanded to friends and family, and before she knew it, Mayde Tea’s naturopatic tea blends were stocked in not only Sydney cafes, but as far as Melbourne and Perth, as well as selling directly to consumers through an online store – maydetea.com.

It’s 100% organically grown, medicinal grade herbs and totally natural:

All Mayde Tea products are handmade using 100% organically grown, medicinal grade herbs with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners.

The packaging is eco friendly and recyclable.

The ingredients used are wild crafted, which means they are picked in their natural habitat.

The drying process is done so completely organically, and with consumers and the plant’s health in mind.

Kate-Dalton_Mayde-Tea-3-teasPop on over to the store to see how the selection of Mayde Tea can start transforming your health today with its specific healing properties for your individual concerns. The team at WhiteZebra and happy customers just love this tea for everything it stands for! If you’re unsure of what would be best for you, shoot the team your query!


Not sure where to start?

WhiteZebra has taken some of the guess work out for you. The team has collected 3 of their faves for creating Beautiful Balance in your life. Whether you’re a busy mum or flat out in the corporate world, these teas will help you through the day.

WhiteZebra Signature Tea – improve detoxification and circulation to help keep your body fine tuned.

Energise – a caffeine-free boost for the day!

Serenity – wind down with a beautiful cup of soothing tea whilst taking some deep breaths before putting your head on the pillow.

This pack is $49.50 and includes a practical, stainless steel Bliss Tea Ball Infuser (saving $10). Click here to buy now.

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