Get Glowing Skin — From The Inside Out!

Every time we turn on the TV, we hear about a new beauty cream or craze that is the ‘latest’ thing.  Many times they have a celebrity endorsing the product, who may or MAY NOT have even used the cream.  While some of these may have merit and something to them, we also know that many of them do not necessarily.  In fact, much of what gets put into cosmetics or ‘cosmeceuticals’  as they are often termed is in fact unregulated and underscrutinised for safety in the US at least, not to mention not always tested rigorously for efficacy! 

It’s Starts On The Inside

Of course companies making topical creams also don’t want to let you in on the real secret either on how to get great skin: it starts from the inside out!  That’s right, much of what you see on the outside is really a manifestation of what is going on inside in our ‘internal terrain!’  Now you may have even seen a dermatologist before and they told you ‘it didn’t matter what you ate’ and ‘to not worry about it.’  But in reality, the science suggests VERY much the opposite!

Thus today we are here to talk about actually what science supports and suggests are great skin-specific nutrients to help you get that glowing, great, healthy, and natural looking skin that everyone wants, without a ton of fuss, hassle or expense!  So, let’s start with some basics!

1)     Many common skin issues today for those under 35 especially are inflammation related!

That’s right—unbalanced inflammation can be at the root of such common and distressful conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, and more!    Thus we need to be choosing foods that are not heavily refined and processed, avoiding sugar, and eating more heart and skin healthy Omega 3 fatty acids!  Naturally found in foods such as fatty fish (think salmon, herring, etc.), walnuts, and flax, chia and hemp seeds, we need these fatty acids to quell inflammation, which reduces some of the ‘fire’ and accompanying redness so commonly seen with  acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.  Omega 3 can also be taken as a supplement, commonly in the form of fish, flax, or krill oil.  Dosing is very important in this area, so always consult with a qualified resource to help guide your intake!

2)     Protect, protect, protect!

Skin is our ‘shield’ from the external environment and in order to keep our ‘shield’ looking youthful and well nourished, we need to give it extra nutrient protection to help fight free radicals generated by toxin exposure, excessive UV sun exposure, cigarette smoking, and more.  Thus 2 fantastic nutrients for protecting our skin include Astaxanthin  and Coq10.  Both potent antioxidants, they both contribute to shielding us from damage and help our cells repair and regenerate more efficiently.  In fact, astaxanthin is what many marine animals and plants use to shield themselves from intense sunlight in the tropics.  Flamingos in fact get their pink color from consuming astaxanthin rich algae plants!

3)     It’s time to remineralize! 

Unfortunately, due to years of over-farming, our soils and subsequently many of our crops have become depleted in vital, skin-nourishing minerals.  Minerals such as selenium and zinc play vital roles in supporting skin immune cell function, helping cells to repair and replicate properly, and also help to stabilize and minimize inflammatory processes.  Thus the need for supplementation of both of these often deficient minerals is common in individuals dealing with many common skin issues as those noted above and others even.  Nowadays there are even blood tests that help determine your current levels of such minerals, helping to better inform your supplementation needs.

Of course skin and skin issues are complex and there is much more to be said on these issues.  But as a starting point, by simply paying attention to these five nutrients in your diet, you are much more likely to start seeing simple yet profound improvements with many of your skin issues over time!  Remember, beauty truly goes come from within, even if it only seems skin deep!


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