Your skin covers your entire body and is seen by you and others everyday. What many don’t realise is that it is easy to distinguish how healthy you are by simply looking at the state of your skin. As the exterior layer of your inner body, it is therefore a reflection of what underlies it and what occurs beneath. So, in order to enhance your exterior, you need to begin from within by first tending to your health.

Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, lean meat, healthy fats, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, whilst keeping hydrated, will help you gain all your needed vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy. This inner health will not only bring you vitality, but also bring upon an outer health, radiating from your glowing skin, eyes, hair and nails.

Along with this balanced diet, there are some specific foods that provide extra special health and skin benefits. These can be eaten as part of a meal, snack, juice or used topically:


Strawberries are very high in Vitamin C, which is very important in the maintenance of healthy skin. It helps collagen formation, which keeps your skin plump, firm and flexible.

It can also be mashed up into a pulp and used externally to help fade dark or discolored areas of your skin, such as freckles.


Pomegranate, and especially the juice, contains more potent antioxidants than any other drink. These antioxidants guard your body and skin against free radical damage, which rob you of important nutrients needed to repair and renew your skin. Without an adequate amount of such nutrients, your skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry and dull. 


A squeeze of lemon in a glass of warm water every morning not only kick-starts your digestive system and aids internal cleansing, but can also help clear your blemished skin.

It can be used as a topical treatment on your pimples, cold sores and wounds as it is a natural astringent, which helps to remove bacteria from the infected area. As well as its astringent properties, it also is a natural exfoliator for your skin. 


This beautifully textured food, brings this same smooth and beautiful texture to your skin. It is a must within your beauty regime, whether enjoyed for its taste or used directly on your skin. It is rich in monounsaturated oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, folate and potassium, offering beauty and health-giving properties. Vitamin A, in particular, is needed for your body to produce new cells, which are important to keep your skin youthful and healthy.

When applied to your skin, it can act as a moisturizer, bringing the skin-saving oils into your skin membranes and cells. 

Pumpkin seeds

These are an incredible food for the health and beauty of your skin. When eaten they provide you with zinc, which is required for your skin’s renewal and repair; Vitamin B6, which is needed for your cells to replicate; and fats, which help your skin retain water, keep smooth and stay elastic.


Whether you eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or even use them directly on your skin, these have powerful anti-ageing properties. It includes retinol, which reduces wrinkles by aiding with the regeneration of your skin. It is a rich source of protein, which helps in the formation of collagen, bringing strength to your skin. 

Eggs also contain many other skin-boosting minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, zinc, lysine and biotin.

Applying eggs directly to your skin can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, due to the albumin found in the egg white. This albumin contracts as it dries, shrinking your skin, making it smoother. 


Finally we arrive at the greatest beauty treatment of all, water. Although it is not a “food”, it is definitely a food for your skin! It is a necessity for the function of all your bodily organs and systems. Not surprising, though, as your body is made up of nearly 60% water. 

Apart from the obvious use of washing off dirt and grime, its most important use is simply drinking it, directly plumping up your skin by keeping it moist, soft and smooth. It also is vital for your thermal regulation, so ensuring adequate hydration will keep your skin from overheating, which can cause irritation.

Water is important for all your bodily functions and most importantly to keep your blood circulating, so delivering needed oxygen and nutrients to the rest of your body, including your skin.  

As your skin relies on your internal organs to function, it is therefore extremely important that you look after them. So, keep yourself healthy and glowing from the inside, to radiate on the outside.

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