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First Press Coffee is leading Australia to a new way to experience, enjoy and benefit from our favourite bean…

I’m now a cold drip coffee convert, especially now leading in to the warmer months! The flavour is amazing, with no acidity or bitterness. Of course, it’s been all in the name of my experiment and review but… I possibly have O.D.’d on First Press’ amazing coffee – it was however, essential that I try all recipes 😉 Down under, we’re moving in to the warmer months, it’s the perfect time to be sipping on chilled First Press!

I know, for me, I have tossed up should I, shouldn’t I, should I drink coffee? How much is too much? Should I not have it at all?

Apart from the boost I receive from these caffeinated bundles of joy, there’s just something about the aroma and flavour of coffee that I just adore!

For a long time, I have always made sure my coffee was made from ethically sourced, minimally sprayed (if not certified organic) beans so I wouldn’t have the ill effects of chemicals or extra stress on my body – liver and adrenals especially.

Being an all black espresso drinker was just never going to happen for me. I had come to accept that if I needed some kind of milk or cream to actually enjoy my coffee and that made me less hardcore or was going to squish my inner Italian being, then so be it. Espresso shots were just too acidic and bitter for me.

Whilst I’m still happy to accept that my tastebuds may not be hardcore enough to endure bitter, acidic espressos, I’m super excited to announce that when I sip on First Press Coffee over ice (yes, it’s black!), my inner Italian is in full flight and I’m teleported to Venice, about to jump in a gondola. I just love the taste! Thank you First Press boys

My concerns to not drink coffee (even organic) have often been to not over stimulate my adrenals or to be reliant on caffeine, just to make it through the day. Completely cutting it out on the other hand simply left a little hole in my heart. So, since I’m all about beautiful balance in all aspects of life, including nutrition, I believe we can have a bit of coffee here or there and now with First Press, it’s not just “a bit is ok”, it’s actually beneficial for our body! Music to my ears! I just LOVE coffee, the smell, the taste and every emotional connection which goes with it! It’s a WIN WIN for health and happiness!


Today, I’ve sat down with one of First Press Coffee’s founders, Michael Calle, to hear how cold drip coffee is nurturing and nourishing my body whilst also being the next best drink to hit Australian shores!

What led the creation of First Press Coffee?

The idea for First Press was born during the travels of Jimmy, one of the First Press cofounders. After developing an interest in visiting coffee plantations in South America and later discovering cold brew coffee in the United States, Jimmy brought his new passion for cold coffee back to Australia and partnered with two close friends to bring First Press to life. I came aboard soon after and weve been plugging away at it ever since!

Tell me about your company’s vision and how you’re creating amazing change in lives.

First Press was born to harness the creativity and vitality of inspired individuals, helping them reach new peaks of mental and physical performance. Our vision is to do this by crafting a beautifully dynamic and vibrant coffee that is second to none when it comes to quality, taste, health and convenience.

The fact that it tastes so good and makes you feel even better is a nice little bonus!

Why cold drip? What are the benefits of cold drip over hot espresso?

Firstly, like you said, its very smooth, easy to drink and has a great taste as a result of our high quality beans and unique extraction. Because the coffee can be enjoyed straight without the need for milk or sugar, its also a much healthier way to enjoy the benefits of caffeine, especially when coupled with the reduced acidity and cleaner buzz.

There’re also benefits in terms of convenience. Being able to grab a kicker (a little 50mL cold-drip shot) straight out of the fridge before hitting the gym or simply pouring out your morning coffee out of a bottle saves so much time and mess. Its like having your own barista sitting in your fridge.

Whilst I’m not a pre-workout stack kinda gal, I sometimes like to have a shot of espresso prior to training to get my super up-n-go going! I know I felt AH-MAZING this morning for my workout but why was that?Why did I not have the slump post my usual coffee boost?

When we put more acidic things in our body the body attempts to neutralise it as rapidly as possible. With more acidic hot coffee, this makes the body process the caffeine in that coffee very fast, creating a strong response from the nervous system along with the associated stress hormone responses.

Because First Press is less acidic, the body processes the caffeine at a slower pace, making it more gentle on the body and nervous system. Sometimes you dont even realise the coffee has kicked in until you start to exercise and get the blood pumping, after which youll definitely feel the buzz. Drinking First Press smoothens out the jolt and anxiety associated with caffeine consumption, as well as the crash that you might find often comes with a hot coffee.


I know First Press Coffee has some of the best trainers and strength coaches in Australia also using and recommending First Press.  What benefits have they found personally and with their clients in relation to training?

This is something I first discovered when I started experimenting with First Press before running. It was a much cleaner feel, while still enjoying many of the physical enhancing benefits that accompany coffee.

The fitness community have completely latched onto First Press because it gives them a very easy and natural way to enjoy the benefits of caffeine without all of the drawbacks that are not so attractive to those aspiring for peak performance.

 Instead of a pre-workout that is packed with chemicals, First Press is a natural alternative that helps athletes reach their peak performance in a safer, easier and less harmful way. Id bet it tastes a lot better than your typical pre-workout too!

I guess the biggest question, on all our readers’ lips, is… What’s it taste like? It might be healthier but cold… is it different, weird, palatable…? I’ve never tried cold?? What’s your #1 tip to encourage others to dip their toe in the cold drip pond?

My number one tip to encourage people to try is to open up their perception of what coffee should be. Coffee can be brewed in so many ways to achieve so many different flavours that sticking just with espresso doesnt do justice to the beauty of coffee.

I also tell people trying for the first time to pay attention to how their body feels after drinking First Press. Its such a different energy hit compared to regular coffee that the feeling alone is a key reason many people continue drinking it.

In terms of the flavour, because of our unique cold drip extraction were able to bring out a lot of unique flavours from the coffee bean that arent found in heat extracted coffee. Our three different varieties all take on a life of their own using the cold drip method, but they all share a very smooth and dynamic flavour profile. When it comes to the individual varieties, Brazil is strong & chocolatey, Honduras is light with slight citrus and Sidamo has notes of strong berry and fruit.


Your flavours are distinctly different, unique and delightful on their own. You currently have 3 flavours. What are the differentiating factors?

We currently offer three varieties that are all single origin coffee beans from different regions of the world. Because each of these regions is markedly different in elevation, soil and climate, the coffee grown is wildly different in flavour.

These unique flavours are compounded even further by our cold drip extraction method which brings out a lot of the hidden flavour characteristics of the coffee bean that can only be extracted with the patience and time of a steady cold drip!

Our Sidamo is an organic coffee from a region of Ethiopia that is renowned for its fruity and floral coffees, our Honduras is an organic Pacamara varietal from a small 23 hectare farm and our Brazil is a single origin Cambara from the Sul de Minas region between Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. All our beans are sourced via direct trade with the growers.

What draws you to each flavour and why?

Our original goal was to find a first flavour that explored the taste difference to regular coffee yet was still immediately brought all the flavours you typically associate with coffee. Once we got that right with our Brazil, we began viewing it as the gateway drug to the more exotic and unique coffees of the world.

Sidamo was so interesting to us because its taste is so unique with a very strong mix of flavours. Its very fruity, has strong berry notes and is the perfect coffee to showcase the flavour differences of cold drip. After having Sidamo out for some time we began searching for another coffee that was a little lighter and less polarising than Sidamo to round out the lineup.

 We ended up with testing a bunch and fell in love with Honduras hazelnut flavours and refreshing citrus aftertaste, completing our lineup and making sure our coffee has something for everyones individual tastes. For us its all about finding balance and offering different single origins that cover the whole range of coffee tastes and flavours.


How can we get it? Online and in stores?

Head on over to the First Press website at to find your closest stockist or if you live in Melbourne, order coffee online and well have it delivered directly to your door!

If youre looking for a little inspiration for how to drink your cold drip follow our Instagram at @FirstPressCoffee.

Thank you so much for your generosity and sharing your amazing cold drip coffee with the team here at! We can’t wait to start every day of Summer with First Press Coffee!

Make sure you check these guys out and their coffee! It’s amazing!!



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