Your Favourite Smoothies.. Good or Bad?

By 15th May 2014Nutrition

What you should know about your favourite smoothies

Green smoothies, shakes and juices are not only in all our favourite cafes, they have now become our staple go to nourishment at home too with Instagram shares of beautiful creations popping up through our feed all day, everyday. Often made with coconut water or nut milk as an alternative to dairy, we love them because we know they have lots of nutrients and they are good for us – right?

Well, while getting a punch of raw fruit and vegetable in a small package without dairy and without added sugar is great, they can cause some problems from a Chinese medicine perspective.

Chinese medicine is all about balance and that includes a balance between hot and cold- particularly when it comes to our diet.

Get your diet right and your body will function optimally – get it wrong and you will suffer the consequences. In some circumstances this will happen straight away, in some situations it will be a gradual process. Lots of cold foods or drinks can weaken a person’s digestive fire, while some people will cope okay with lots of cold smoothies, others may start noticing symptoms like bloating, indigestion, lack of appetite and fatigue and wonder, why?

So, if you are prone to coldness or some of the above mentioned symptoms, check if you are balancing your hot and cold consumption or consult with your registered acupuncturist or herbalist for an individual assessment or remedy. A Chinese medicine practitioner may be more likely to prescribe you a warming nourishing soup over a potent cooling smoothie, particularly as the weather cools down through Autumn and Winter.

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