Fat Loss 101

By 14th April 2014Fat Loss

Did your fat loss or fitness plans go into hibernation over the past few months? Time to wake up and shake off the extra kilos! Follow these fat loss rules for a slim and toned body in just a few months!

  1. Move often. The longer you sit, the more your metabolism slows down. Even if you can’t fit in a workout, get up and walk around as often as possible throughout your day. Those small breaks will make a big difference.
  2. Eat more and eat better. Eating 3 meals and 2 small snacks every day will help keep your metabolism up and keep you from getting too hungry (and therefore binging and snacking like crazy!).
  3. Make your own food. Enough with the frozen diet meals and prepackaged snacks. Make your own meals at least 5 times a week and use REAL food and ingredients. Try a free app like Fooducate to check the nutritional breakdown of each item you’re buying. The fewer ingredients, the better.
  4. Plan ahead. You don’t need to deprive yourself to eat healthy! Plan one splurge meal a week. The trick? Stick with just ONE splurge meal each week. It can be a challenge, so constantly remind yourself of the benefits of skipping those cheat foods when you are craving them outside of that meal. Focusing on the benefits of avoiding the temptation, rather than the negative effects of giving in, helps people avoid the bad foods better.
  5. Use smaller plates. It’s easier to cut your portion sizes if your dishes are smaller. That mind trick will help you eat appropriately sized portions and lose weight!
  6. Log your food for one week. You don’t need to go crazy counting calories, ever. But you should be aware of your eating habits. You may be eating far more or far less than you think are! Take a week to log your food and make any changes that you need to. Try LoseIt, Spark People, or MyFitnessPal- they’re all free!
  7. Sleep! If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re sabotaging your own weight loss plans. Log at least 7.5 hours a night. If you’re training hard, bump it up to 8-9hrs. It can be a challenge, but again, remind yourself of the rewards!
  8. Don’t change your eating patterns on the weekends. Weekends make up 30% of your week, so if you’re taking them “off” when it comes to your diet and fitness, you’re seriously cheating yourself! Eat the way you would during the week and use this as a time to log some extra minutes working out.
  9. Eat protein every meal. Protein keeps you full and keeps your blood sugar from spiking, so you don’t crash or crave more food after you eat.
  10. Lights out in the kitchen two hours before bed. No snacking, no munching, just water or tea.
  11. Go meatless at least one day a week.
  12. Step off the scale. Really! Why does that number matter so much? Focus on how you feel, how you fit in your clothes, and go from there. Nobody needs the extra stress that comes from a number on a scale.
  13. Speaking of stress, lose it! Stress triggers a hormone in your body that leads to excess weight gain. So take a chill pill. Take a couple minutes out of your busy day to just sit and breathe. It sounds silly but it really works.
  14. Add in some green tea throughout your day and you’re golden.

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