Exercise Advice For Those With Adrenal Fatigue

By 13th April 2014Fitness, Mindfulness, Yoga

If you’re currently suffering from adrenal fatigue, you might find that the very last thing that you feel like doing right now is thinking about an exercise routine. As you find you hardly have enough energy on a day to day basis to do all that life asks of you, doing a planned workout program just doesn’t seem in the cards.

But, if you want to optimize your overall well-being, exercise is still a must. That said, you will need to make some adjustments to how you’re exercising if you hope to experience optimal results. Since your whole hormonal system isn’t in proper balance, this will significantly influence how your body responds to certain types of exercise.

Here are the main points to keep in mind:

Start Slow

First, make sure that you start slow. The last thing you want to do is over stress your system, so begin with light 10-15 minute sessions at the beginning. The minute you feel like your fatigue is starting to worsen, back off. Stop for the session and let your body recover.

The process of exercising with adrenal fatigue involves learning what your body can and can’t do at the time period you’re doing it in, so make sure that you are listening in closely. Now is not the time to push yourself.

Start With Yoga

As you get started with your exercise, consider starting with yoga. Yoga is more focused on bringing more energy into the body, which is precisely what you need right now. Avoid doing anything more strenuous than this.

Focus on deep breathing, stretching, and relaxation based exercises. After you can complete three to four sessions per week, you’re then ready to carry on.

Add In Lower Intensity Cardio Every Other Day

The next stage in your exercise program for adrenal fatigue should be to perform some lower intensity cardio every other day. This will allow a full day between sessions for your body to recover, so you shouldn’t be dealing with excessive levels of fatigue.

This lower intensity cardio training should be made up of primarily walking, light swimming (this is especially good if you deal with joint pain), or cycling.

Avoid anything that causes you to become out of breath for now as it will be placing too much stress and strain on your system.

Begin Introducing Bodyweight Resistance Exercises

Finally, the last step in moving your body through an exercise program for adrenal fatigue is to begin introducing bodyweight exercises. Note that you should only be doing this once you are able to complete three to four light cardio training sessions without fatigue.

You should be feeling good and responsive to the signals that your body is sending you. Resistance work is going to place more stress on the adrenal system, but if you have been following the above steps while also tending to all the other areas in your adrenal recovery program, then you should be at the point where you can introduce this form of exercise in.

So there you have some key points to know about forming a program for adrenal fatigue. Follow these and you should be able to maintain activity that enhances your condition, not worsens it.

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