The Best Approach To Flat Ab Success

By 5th August 2014Fitness

If one of the primary goals that you’ve set for yourself as you go about your weight loss protocol is getting that flat and firm set of abs, it’s vital that you learn the proper method to go about achieving this goal. Far too many people rely on crunch after crunch to get the job done and this simply fails to bring success.

While doing some abdominal exercise is important for core strength, it’s not the only element that’s required for optimal success.
Let’s walk you through the best approach to getting lean abs so that you can start putting the correct principles in place.

Nutrition Comes First

First, you must realize that good nutrition should be your first and foremost priority when it comes to getting six pack abs. If you are not paying attention to what you’re eating over the course of the day, you aren’t going to be getting results anytime soon.

Remember, the reason why you currently can’t see your abs is simply because you have too much overall body fat covering them.

This then means that until you lose that fat, you won’t be seeing the definition you desire.

The best way to lose the fat is to use good nutrition. Focus on lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, along with whole grains to control insulin levels.

Exercise should of course be added, but used in conjunction to a healthy nutrition plan.

Utilize Key Compound Moves

Speaking of exercise, that brings us to the exercise side of the equation. For best results, you don’t want to spend your time doing hours of crunch exercises. Nor do you want to do hours of cardio training either.

Instead, focus on some key compound movements that will call upon your core for stabilisation but that will also work multiple other muscle groups as well so that you can raise your metabolic rate and really torch body fat.

If you can increase your metabolism so that you are burning up additional fat all throughout the day, that is going to be far more effective for ensuring that you are getting leaner over time.

These moves also help you gain functional fitness better, meaning you’ll see great transfer over benefits to all other movements you make in day to day living.

Combat Stress

Daily stressors can mean higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and this can mean increased risk of stomach fat accumulation. Taking steps to decrease your daily stress through meditation, yoga, journaling, or anything else that works for you is an excellent way to combat fat gain.

Simply Move More

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of simply moving more. Get up and move around at least once per hour. If you remain sitting for hours each day, your calorie burn – and metabolic rate are going to be disastrously low.

Even getting up and walking to use the washroom is a giant step in the right direction. If it helps, consider getting a pedometer to wear as you walk around. Doing so will help you ensure that you are tracking how much you move and each day you can aim for a little more activity.

Those who wear pedometers tend to move far more on average compared to those who don’t, so it’s something that you really should be considering.

So there you have the main points to know and remember regarding the fast track to getting flat abs. It’s more about getting leaner in the mid region than it is actually building up muscle mass there, so that should be your first and foremost priority. Everyone has muscle mass in their core, it’s just a matter of how much fat they have covering it.

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