lifestyle-2Fiona Caddies lights up a room. Her electric energy, dreamlike love for life and boundless knowledge of health and nutrition is contagious. With an active interest to engage a community of those who are ‘hyperactively healthy’, Fiona dreamed of WhiteZebra, firstly, a physical business which allowed her to inspire functional movement and nurture mind and body nourishment in women via her fitness and yoga teaching. Secondly, Fiona also wished to bring more than just her knowledge to her clients so she built a site to centralise the teachings of a credible suite of esteemed health professionals which feature a high concentration of current news and practical ideas.

With a fluorescent interest in health and nutrition from a very early age, Fiona got stuck into every bit of movement and trialled all kinds of health practices. She believes that in order to create change in a positive direction, we cannot work purely alone. We need to combine our talents and be a greater power!

‘Everyday I’m inspired by strong men and women who manage to maintain an enthusiastic energy towards health innovation and a positive spirit that breeds success’, she says.

A yoga, running, dancing and gymnastics fanatic, Fiona naturally flips and moves with enthusiasm through life. ‘My parents didn’t know what to do with such an active child so they put me in every sport I asked to do, as sport made me so happy and calm’, she says.

From a tender age, Fiona worked enthusiastically at gyms, supplement stores and as a gait analyst. Having completed her Bachelor of Design (Vis. COMM), she enjoyed a short sprint in the design world but soon after realized her true passion remained in health and fitness. ‘I believe in carving a career that embraces the fabric of who you are as a person and develops a skill-set which best defines the better part of you’, she says.

Not long after, Fiona created a thriving Personal Training, Yoga & Nutrition Coaching Studio in Newcastle and touched the lives of hundreds of people.

In the interim of moving back and forth between Newcastle and Sydney, Fiona built her network with health professionals to provide top of the line, quality information in health and fitness online. WhiteZebra was born out of her desire to inspire an unlimited amount of people searching for authentically sophisticated information on holistic health.

As soon as her feet were firmly planted in the Northern Beaches, she just had to start physically working with people and their bodies & minds again. She’s collected and refined her 20 years of knowledge and experience to create a business which is like no other. The next phase of was launched – a dynamic movement, wellbeing and lifestyle business designed for the free-thinking, savvy and modern woman to facilitate a leaner, functional and more agile body and empower her to lead a vibrant, healthier and happier life.

NOW BACK IN NEWCASTLE, and seeing a shift of now both men and women getting into yoga and calisthenics, free movement and gymnastics becoming mainstream, Fi is back working with all people wanting to become strong and bendy in both body and mind.

She can’t wait to work with you!

A letter from Beccy T

Fi, what a beautiful soul. You have assisted me in many ways to change my life. Your holistic approach to health and fitness is so amazing. I love how you have had the patience and commitment to my health and wellbeing from day 1. Your knowledge and understanding of the human body, nutrition and exercise is incredible and I highly recommend you to anyone!
I lost over 15kgs, completely changed my approach to food and stopped the endless battle with my weight gain for life.
You are so unique and powerful.
I want to say Thank You with all my love and light xx


Cert III & Cert IV in Fitnessyoga-3

200 Hour Power Living Yoga Teacher Training (currently in the 500 Hour process)

Poliquin BioSignature Level 2 (Advanced Nutrition, Fat Loss & Hormone Balancing)

FMA Strength Coach

Barre Attack Instructor

Thump Boxing Advanced Instructor

“Fi is an amazing trainer! I travel a long way just to see her because she is the best. Always positive, full of encouragement and pushing you to be your best. She never asks for anything that she wouldn’t do herself and that’s why she is such an inspiration.” Erin L


Fi has written for:

Therese Kerr

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LifeStyle YOU

Smarter Telstra Business


… to name a few

For all you busy business peeps, Fi wrote a double page spread article The CEO Magazine. So many great tips for getting results, even when training and homemade nutrition is not an option! The issue SOLD OUT!

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