Created by Fiona Caddies, WhiteZebra is a dynamic movement, wellbeing and lifestyle business designed for the free-thinking, savvy and modern person to facilitate a leaner, functional and more agile body and empower her to lead a vibrant, healthier and happier life.

WhiteZebra combines the high energy strength and athletic training of gymnastics and traditional functional fitness training, balancing it with with calming, yet strong practices of yoga and mobility work and stabilising with dance and Pilates barre training.

We were not born to be mediocre, we were born to be uniquely amazing! Are you ready to step into the wild to start developing your very own stripes? Do you want to run with other fellow unique zebras in a herd of fun, authenticity and excitement?

What’s in the WhiteZebra name?

Each and every zebra has its own unique barcode of stripes whilst the white zebra is extraordinarily rare and unique with only a couple existing in the wild in the whole world. Instead of having black stripes and a white body, these striking creatures actually have gold stripes and blue eyes. We believe that each and every one of you is wonderfully unique and extraordinary. Our intention is to enhance, encourage, nurture and nourish you to be your best, strong, stable, mobile and agile self. Much like a white zebra, we want you to stand out from the crowd and be proud of your stripes!

Why all the PURE names?

Our mission is to build you to be LEANER, HEALTHIER & HAPPIER. WhiteZebra’s purpose is solely to give you an all-round boost to reach your full potential. To do this, we’ve broken down our classes and education into 9 sections, all of which are pieces of the puzzle for you to live blissfully well and whole.

The PURE names indicate each road along the journey and also indicate that each section is purely the specific. White, in many cultures and beliefs, denotes purity. It’s clean, bright and exact. The beautiful uniqueness of the white zebras, combined with the concept of white evokes feelings of purity and empowerment and sets the foundation for our philosophy and approach to lifestyle transformations for YOU.


At WhiteZebra, we believe that standing out from the crowd and being unique is beauty in itself. Our aim is to inspire and create change, within as many people as possible, to have vibrant optimal health, glowing and bouncing with strength, vitality and happiness. Truly following your dreams and authentic path is the key to happiness and it can only be achieved when the body and mind is optimally fit, healthy and well.

Our approach to training is also uniquely elemental and unifies the sensations of being grounded and powerful with feelings of freedom and strength without inhibition.

With a technical and functional focus, we build strong and mobile bodies whilst never forgetting to have some fun and play in nature. Nourishing the body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and encouraging high plant nutrition with healthy fats and lean proteins, we give an all round approach to give your body the best start to make your dreams become reality. A healthy, nourished, pain free, strong and thriving body is like putting super rocket fuel in your beep beep car! You’ll be ready to go… in TURBO drive!

We balance our yang training with yin properties of yoga, promote conscious breath and encourage healthy sleep routines and a balanced lifestyle of relaxation, fun and lightness.

Being amongst nature and absorbing sunlight is such an important element to a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We’re calling ALL zebras or zebras-to-be!