Love handles, jiggling thighs, fluid retention, dodgy sleep and generally feeling blah after all the Christmas festivities? It’s like we subconsciously give ourselves a licence to let loose and gorge, feeling invisible with our trim summer bodies. Then just like that, in only a few days, we feel terrible, tired, puffy and carrying a few extra kilos! OUCH!

So… guilt aside. Christmas celebrations are tying up and New Year’s Eve is coming! If you’re stressing about that little number you had planned for NYE, here’s a few things you can do today to have you feeling fab in just a few days!


  1. WATER WATER WATER – Make up some herbal iced tea and drink all day long to flush out toxins and get rid of any fluid retention.
  2. PROTEIN & FAT BREKKY – Go for organic. This will stabilise your blood sugar in the morning, maintain satiety through to lunch and have you motivated to get moving for the day.
  3. VEGES – Pack your greens into a giant green smoothie – boost it with some organic Greens and/or Berry powders for an extra alkalising and antioxidant boost. Make sure your powders do NOT contain any artificial sweeteners.
  4. CUT THE CARBS (and processed junk) – EAT FERMENTED FOODS – Alcohol, the pudding, chocolate and lollies have all contributed to your love handles and fluid. All this sugar sends your gut bacteria crazy too! So try adding in some fermented veges into a protein packed salad and have some kefir or kombucha! Remember, protein and fat will also stop you craving the carbs.
  5. MOVE IT – HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – Download a tabata or HIIT app, choose a few exercises such as squats, pushups, bear crawls, burpees and go as hard as you can for the assigned interval time. Aim for 20-30 mins!
  • Booster powders and fermented foods can usually be found at good health food stores or gourmet style grocers. If they don’t have them, they’ll probably know where you can get them in your local area.

BONUS TIP – Throw on some Eco Tan (double organic certified tan). It will have you instantly feeling trimmer without the sun damage or the toxins from a standard spray tan!

It’s definitely possible to feel so much better in 3 days, so make these simple changes right now and you’ll be feeling on top of the world again come the night of the 31st!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you lovely ladies! Here’s to you feeling amazing in your fave little dress on NYE!


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