10 TIPS TO BOOT BUNNY IN THE BUTT! Shed those added kilos ASAP!

By 27th April 2014Fat Loss

Love handles, jiggling thighs, dodgy sleep and generally feeling blah? Here a 10 tips to get you back on track immediately!

WOWWEE, how the past couple of weeks have thrown a few curve balls at us! Drinking copious amounts of alcohol, eating ridiculous amount of chocolate and generally everything else in our lives has suffered – no exercise, limited or poor-quality sleep, hydration out the window and definitely no vege consumption, that’s the last thing on your list when there’s chocolate and wine looking straight at you, right?

Are you now feeling a little blah? You’re down in the dumps for going way too far overboard with all your usually forbidden foods? Your clothes a little tighter, the muffin-top has ballooned and the thighs are jiggling way more than ever or even worse you have basically turned into one giant swirl of a chocolate-wine Easter egg!?! Here are some quick tips to have you feeling tip top again and seeing those added kilos sliding off ASAP!



1. Strength Train – large volume (30 to 45 sets per workout) and short rest periods (10 to 60 seconds) for a greater growth hormone (GH) response. This will also help you sleep better. Good quality sleep and GH are fantastic for fat loss!
2. Modified Strongman Train – think real-hard-yakka work (full body and functional movement)! It’s heavy and makes you puff! Big GH boost & fat blaster. If you’re not near a gym, rearrange your house or help a friend move house! This will not only have you sweating but you will also then have a cleansed space to feel renewed! On top of this, add in some high-energy squats, lunges and push ups! Oh, and a few burpees too, why not?! 🙂
3. Sprint – eg. 6 x 200m sprints, 4min rest. Get outside, find some hills or go for it in a park. Run as fast as you possibly can. Bikes are a great option if you can’t run.
4. Eat Breakfast – Meat & Nuts (or at least protein and good fats) – this will help you set up your day well by eating the foods which produce motivation-boosting neurotransmitters – dopamine and acetylcholine.
5. Eliminate processed food and especially sugar and sweeteners – all of it, including leftover Easter eggs! If you have a belly on you, you are not tolerating sugars very well and if you are, you are eating WAY TOO MUCH! Sugar is directly linked to fat gain, accelerated ageing, cellulite to name just a few. So get off the stuff (and no, don’t just chow down the last of your Easter eggs for one grand finale!)!
6. Eliminate gluten, wheat, and grains to support insulin health – watch your belly shrink!
7. Cut the alcohol, soft drinks and juices – drink WATER – the holidays have now passed, you’ve watched your fat levels increase, now stop the grog! Drink 2-3L water per day for hydration and added detoxification! Drinking also depletes your vitamin & mineral status whilst also making you highly acidic so add in at least a B supplement, zinc, magnesium and definitely GREENS and BERRIES powders to correct your pH, improve your sleep and give you back some energy! Without correct pH and vitamin-mineral statuses, you will struggle to get the pounds off!
8. Commit to regularly fuelling your body with nourishing food and train your butt off – when you find yourself making excuses, remind yourself, these are simply EXCUSES. Override it and get off your butt! You’ll be so glad you did!
9. De-stress with yoga, breath and meditation (and enjoy the stretch out after all of your training too!). All your fun activities and socialising have certainly not created a calm environment for your mind, body or spirit. Of course, it’s always great to enjoy yourself and have a great time but sometimes your body and mind needs a little help to remember to and HOW to slow down.
10. Be grateful – Write a grateful log at night (everything you’re grateful for in your life and the things you’re grateful for in the future) – watch your sleep improve! On that note, aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each night.

So what’s really going to happen when you suddenly stop eating and drinking all of your goodies? You’ll want something back to taste good to take away those cravings, right?

Try WhiteZebra’s Healthy Chocolate Mousse, Coconut Date Truffle, Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream Smoothie or the Blueberry Yoghurt Granita! They’re all available here.

Good luck and here’s to you feeling amazing again by the end of the week!


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